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1.0 SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension"

Executive Summary - Today and Beyond 2021: 








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SkrAtch ™ has developed a new cryptocurrency cross-chain token (SKR) SkrAtch ™ is a worldwide product with a history of sales in 5 countries with over 3 million  units sold at $5.95 MSRP. 

SkrAtch ™ is not just a consumer game product sold at supermarkets and retail but rather it is a proprietary Advertising Vehicle that promotes brand awareness, provides real time Analytics, and QR Code, RFID, UPC, that can have a significant impact in reducing the 90% failure rate of any of the 30 to 50 thousand new products launched by manufacturers each year.

SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" is being launched online as desktop and mobile versions. Manufacturers full value redemption coupons will be redeemable worldwide and in 18 countries at 67,000 retail locations.


As the Covid-19 crisis resolves the New SkrAtch ™ - "The Line Extension" will physically be available again for purchase at retail outlets worldwide.

We are a platform developed as a viable solution that may be built upon and applied in the grocery trade resolving and effectively increasing profitability in each interdisciplinary grocery sector which includes: manufacturing, wholesale, retail, advertising and promotion and supply chain management.

SkrAtch ™ adopts the use of the RippleNet (XRP) and Electroneum (ETN) as “Instant Mobile Payment Systems” ¹ and also employs the use of leading edge blockchain tracking methodology, supply chain management: Vechain (VET) across manufacturer SKU's.

As described in our "Roadmap" we are open to participation and building our "Team". Accordingly we invite you to contact us if you are interested in this project.


Smart Contract Tracking for the Participating Manufacturers

Blockchain technology such as VeChain can provide substantial benefits to the manufacturers participating within each skrAtch   game providing significant metrics across an array of categories with the use of "smart contracts"

VeChain is a blockchain-based platform that records the truth of what happens at every stage of the supply chain. It combines physical tracking with blockchain records to keep tabs on real-world products from production to delivery, helping to prevent fraud and increase transparency.

SkrAtch   adopts the use of "Instant Payment Systems" RippleNet (XRP) and Electroneum (ETN) which are accepted in over 190 countries worldwide.

XRP Move Money to All Corners of the World
Discover why hundreds of financial institutions choose RippleNet to provide a better payments experience and enable greater economic opportunity for everyone, everywhere.

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that allows spending

in over 190 countries.

There are over a billion unbanked people with no digital payment method. No Visa. No Mastercard. No PayPal. No Apple Pay. Every day, Electroneum (ETN) is helping people around the world pay for goods and services, both in-store and online.

SkrAtch   The Original and "The Line Extension"

The original skrAtch  game sold over 3 million games at MSRP $5.95 in 5 countries.  skrAtch ™ the "Line extension" is a redesign with with many additional features and targets desktop, android, IOS with an online version and a physical version available at retail in 18 countries at a lower price with a MSRP of $1.99

SkrAtch ™ addresses the problem with a proprietary product with a significant impact in reducing the 90% failure rate of any of the 30 to 50 thousand new products launched by manufacturers each year.



SkrAtch ™ is not just a consumer game product sold at supermarkets and retail but rather it is a proprietary Advertising Vehicle that promotes brand awareness, provides real time Analytics, and QR Code, RFID, UPC, that can have a significant impact in reducing the 90% failure rate of any of the 30 to 50 thousand new products launched by manufacturers each year.

Studies and Reports. In our Studies section we present and provide Free access to a significant number of existing Research, Studies and Statistical data.

Listing Fees and Slotting Fees. The top 100 manufacturers such as Kraft, General Foods, Proctor & Gamble write off the losses of these new products introduced at retail against their existing more stable "bread and butter" brands. New products do not fail just because they are bad products but rather they fail because they do not get the attention of the consumer in the store. 


Listing Fees and Slotting Fees which are charged by the retailer to the manufacturer to get a good shelf position range from $25,000 per product (SKU) up to $3 million per chain. Shelf space is very limited and very valuable and will make or break a new product. Products that sell well are usually at eye level, in an isle display or featured on either end of the isle and known as end caps. See the video "Why New Products Fail"

Sales per Quarter. All new manufacturers products must obtain a required number of sales or shelf turns that generate enough money to justify their shelf position or they are "de-listed" and removed from retail by the the retailer, chain.  Of the 30 to 50 thousand new products introduced each year many are de-listed within the 4 month quarter they are listed within, e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. SkrAtch ™ sells new editions in each quarter with each 1 million games numbered 1 - 10 which helps the consumer and the manufacturer in that each 100,000 games of the 1 million edition sold per Quarter may contain different manufacturers products.


Why New Products Fail. While there are many reasons, if a consumer can't find your new product, maybe it is on the bottom shelf or a similar bad location, the product will not sell well and it will never generate the number of sales calculated per square foot of shelf space and justify its position on the shelf its continued existence at retail as a product. That is why 30 to 50 thousand new products introduced each year fail. See the video "War for Shelf Space"

SkrAtch ™ Solves the Problem. SkrAtch ™ solves the problem of the consumer awareness of the manufacturers new product by featuring 5 new manufacturer products in each game edition run. The SkrAtch ™ game is sold at prominent retail positions such as at the Point of Sale, the Cash Register, on End Caps, and can be hung in the grocery Isle on strips and drives product sell through by developing product awareness and conversion at and after retail.


Effective Product Sampling. Each SkrAtch ™ game contains 5 Free full value products worth over $15.00 to the consumer. This method of marketing is known as effective sampling or "try before you buy" and it has up to a 62% conversion rate which means that the consumer will return to the retailer, look and buy the product again which will help the manufacturer get or maintain shelf turns, and not get de-listed. See the video "Effective Consumer Sampling"

How we can give away over $15.00 per million game edition. SkrAtch ™ issues a purchase order to the manufacturer for the number of products to be given away at retail calculated at the full retail value with markup. The purchase order is always a percentage of the total number of the new product the manufacturer intends to sell. The manufacturer issues a purchase order buying an equal number of ads on the SkrAtch ™ game.


Consumers buy the SkrAtch ™ game for $1.99 and redeem the 5 free products tickets worth $3.00 each for over $15.00 or more of full value products, not discounted products, redeemable at retail. See the Page: Products 1 - 5 from the menu. New products are changed with each game and edition.


Tax Deductions and Least Cost. The purchase orders are tax deductible so it costs neither SkrAtch ™ nor the manufacturer out of pocket cash to participate in the consumer awareness brand loyalty sample before you buy program. Indeed since the manufacturers cost to produce the new product is substantially less than the retail value SkrAtch ™ is paying for the new product the manufacturer will have already made a profit by participating in the SkrAtch ™ promotion. 


SkrAtch ™ games are sold at retail for $1.99 and contain over $15.00 of free full value products, plus the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional prizes. See the Products 1 - 5 page.

Benefits: Retailer, Manufacturer, Consumer. While the advantages for the manufacturer are enormous the retailer benefits in the sale of SkrAtch ™ with a MSRP at $1.99 the retailer makes $.80 cents, SkrAtch earns $.80 cents and the game costs $.39 to produce. With a very small footprint and 10 games on a strip in a store will more than justify SkrAtch ™ footprint and shelf turns, just as we did when we sold over 3 million games at $5.95 in 5 countries.


More Value, Blockchain and Smartphones. It is now with the advent of blockchain technology and the wide distribution of smartphone technology that the redesigned SkrAtch ™ makes more sense and has more value. SkrAtch ™ provides an easy manufacturers  with a Turnkey method of embracing blockchain today. 


Marketing & Sampling. Because SkrAtch ™ is a marketing, promotion and sampling vehicle that will be initially reintroduced into 18 nations with sales targeted at 1 million SkrAtch ™ games to be sold per quarter per country SkrAtch ™ may have to limit and be selective in which new products are advertised on the game. In the interest of the consumer, food delivery as a charity, and overall product perception of quality will be key factors influencing the metrics of participation.

Loyalty Programs. While loyalty programs are the foundation of a complete customer retention strategy and run from standard point programs, to engagement motivating VIP programs and advocate creating referrals, loyalty programs span across every industry from brands big and small, to capture (and keep) the attention of both their new and existing customers they DO NOT develop awareness of new product launches regardless of the brand.

What is Our Loyalty Program?  SkrAtch ™ is "The Loyalty Program for Manufacturers ™ " As a loyalty program we are not fixed to one retail chain as are many loyalty programs are. Rather SkrAtch ™ is unique in that the promotion and loyalty program crosses all chains, supermarkets and convenience stores in support of manufacturers brands at retail.

SkrAtch ™ Smartphone, App and Analytics. The  SkrAtch ™ Smartphone App, interfaces with the physical SkrAtch ™ game at and after the POS.  The SkrAtch ™ game can also be purchased at retail with cryptocurrency such as the ETN cryptocurrency. The ETN Smartphone App "Instant Mobile Payment System" patent pending, is designed for mass adoption, produced by Electroneum Ltd. a UK fintech company,  targets 1.7 billion smartphone users (according to PwC) PricewaterhouseCoopers and is available now in both Android and IOS format and being used in dozens of countries. Coopers & Lybrand were our original auditors.


Smartphone App. The SkrAtch ™ App uses QR code, UPC, RFID, along with pattern recognition and machine learning, AI, selectively or in combination and curates 100's of valuable data points for consumers, manufacturers, marketers, and retailers. SkrAtch ™ the App will be released in both Android and IOS format. Further information on the the SkrAtch ™ App can be found in the "roadmap" section under the menu tab.

Funding and ICO. SkrAtch ™ is currently privately funded. Congruent with the launch of the ICO we will be vetting and adding Advisers, Advisors and Members worldwide.

  • "the ICO"

  • "the nonprofit" 

  • "the charity"

SkrAtch ™ "The official loyalty program for manufacturers ™ "

Crossing all retail, MFG and supply lines delivering RTM Metrics.


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$45 million ICO SkrAtch "The Line Extension"

1.1 Welcome to (hereinafter "skratchcash ") You must read and agree with the "Disclaimer" before proceeding. SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" is based on the successful international sale of the original SkrAtch  and RUB-OUT  games with sales of over 3 million units in 5 countries, Canada, USA, UK, AU and NZ, at $5.95 MSRP with a gross income of $17 million. SkrAtch  is designed for production and sale at retail and online. Click Here  to visit "Measuring Brand Value – How Much Are Brands Worth?" by B2B market research company.

1.2 SkrAtch  "The Line Extension" retail game version sells at $1.99 MSRP ² and provides up to $15.00 of Full Value Redemption of Free products. The website version will be interactive and provide similar engagement. This website presents the proof of concept, copyrights and trademarks and "Intellectual Property Rights" claimed.  SkrAtch  is targeting 18 countries in it's re-launch and "ICO" Initial Coin Offering. The ICO will issue SKR "Token - Coin" which will trade on exchanges worldwide. See the description in Section 3.0 below.

To install the ETN Instant Mobile Payment System

Scan the QR Code Below.


1.3 SkrAtch  "The Instant Win Word Game" For Up To 4 Players.

Purchase a SkrAtch  game at your favorite retailer or with the

Electroneum (ETN) ¹ "Instant Mobile Payment System."

1.4 SkrAtch  is a "Marketing Concept" and an "Industrial Design" that promotes "Brands" on a least cost basis through proprietary methodologies, et. al.

1.5 SkrAtch  the marketing concept and "Industrial Design" is claimed pursuant to but not limited to: XII. INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS Article 5 of (the  Geneva  Act  of  1999)  hereinafter  (the  "Hague  Agreement")

2.0 SkrAtch  "The Valuation"

2.1 BDO Canada LLP, Chartered Accountants, extensively reviewed the revenue, income, and 3 year projections of the SkrAtch  first edition product and SkrAtch  "The Line Extension". Their conclusion and opinion valued SkrAtch  at $34 million. CAD. Sales of SkrAtch  in 5 countries, Canada, USA, UK, AU, and NZ at $5.95 per game unit resulted in $17 million. in gross revenue earned.


2.2 SkrAtch   has a small shelf footprint with a very high retailer payout which more than justifies a prominent shelf position for the Skratch ™  product. 


2.3 The line extension is targeted to be launched world-wide through 66,700 stores in 18 countries. Prices will vary subject to local and regional currencies. BDO Canada LLP, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company. BDO Global has offices in 162 countries.

2.4 SkrAtch  is in the process of implementing a "ICO" Initial Coin Offering and a "Token - Coin" pursuant to applicable jurisdiction and laws. Said offering will be based on the Ethereum Foundation platform.

3.0 SkrAtch  The ICO and "Pre-ICO"

3.1 The "ICO" Initial Coin Offering  consists of the issuance of a hard cap of 3 billion Skratch  SKR "Token - Coin" (with an average price of $0.15 per token - coin) No more than 3 billion SKR token - coin will be minted. Investments exceeding $10K will require KYC/AML. 

3.2 The SKR Token - Coin is  based on the 2 decimal place digit value. The pre-ICO sale of 1 billion SKR will be available on "the trigger date" which is when the ICO is launched publicly at $.01, the Open ICO sale of 1 billion SKR will be at $.015, and the Closing ICO sale of 1 billion SKR will be at $.020 for a total of $45 million calculated in USD for reference.

3.3 Each SKR Token - Coin represents one SKR token - coin of the scratchcash  ICO (the "funding vehicle") which owns, markets and supports the SkrAtch  "The Line Extension" project. SKR are held, accepted, used, invested and traded on exchanges as described.  SkrAtch  operating as may apply to and acquire as an NGO organization and issue tax receipts where applicable and in such jurisdiction as it may be lawful. 

3.4 SkrAtch  is a marketing tool that distributes $15. worth of food for a $1.99 purchase while skratchcash is the funding vehicle. ¹ Prices vary and are subject to adjustment in production, distribution, marketing and sales, revenue and forecasting  according to region and country.

3.5 skratchcash ™ shall convert "subscriptions" to SKR Token - Coin calculated on the date and time at the value of the XMR, USD, BTC, ETH or ETN subscription submitted and received into an equal decimal value amount of SKR then issue forthwith an equal amount calculated in SKR Token - Coin to the subscriber. The SKR Token - Coin will be traded on the same exchanges where ETN is traded as well as other major exchanges.

3.6 Insuring the ICO investment. Fifty Percent (50%) of the investment received through the ICO and ongoing profit from the sale of the SkrAtch  product line worldwide shall be invested and reinvested into skratchcash and support both the SKR  "Token - Coin" and SkrAtch ™ and 20% of the annual revenue from SkrAtch ™ shall be used in R&D with a specific focus on "The Internet of Things" The ICO shall be escrowed as follows: 10% in BTC, 10% in ETH, 20% in ETN, 5% in gold and 5% in silver bullion all of which may be insured by Zurich Insurance Group and held by a independent trustees such as National Bank of Canada may act as the trustee of the SKR "Token - Coin"  assets and BDO Canada (Global) may be the trustee for ™ assets while Delloite ® Global  may act as auditor, Assurance for

3.7 The fifty percent (50%) balance of $22.5 million from the ICO shall be used in the relaunch, marketing and support of the SkrAtch  product into the 18 countries targeted.

3.8 Earnings and Experience. Based upon it's previous successful experience of selling over 3 million games in 5 countries at $5.95 initially Skratch ™ intends to sell the new version at $1.99 retail with 1 million games into each of the 18 countries per annual quarter which shall inure a net profit of  $.80 per game x 18 million games sold per quarter $14.4 ± or $57.6 million per year.

3.9 Distributing Free Food, Products and Services. Manufacturers purchase advertising on the SkrAtch ™ game in increments 100K to up to 1 million adds per game (which provides 5 million CPM impressions) at approximately $3.00 per game while SkrAtch ™ purchases an equivalent amount of product at approximately $2.75 full retail from the manufacturer which SkrAtch ™ provides to the retailer to be given away as Free full value products to the consumer at retail.


3.10 Delivering Over $1 billion in Food Products. Not including the thousands of dollars in Prizes, services, subscriptions and discounts there are over $15. in Free products for the consumer in each Skratch ™ game. SkrAtch ™ will be distributing $15. x 18 countries = $270 million  x 4 quarters = $1 billion dollars worth of Free food and product to the consumer each year. The $1.99 the consumer pays for the SkrAtch ™ game is for the game itself.     

3.11 Expansion and Growth. Since the SkrAtch ™ is designed as a marketing and advertising vehicle which uses Analytics to track consumer behaviour and reduce manufacturers product launch costs where up to 80% or more of the 30,000 new products fail the natural course of action for SkrAtch ™ is to expand into the other 162 countries rather than just seek to expand its base within the 18 countries moving from a quarterly to a monthly distribution plan.

3.12 SKR shall be available as pairs above mentioned and traded on exchanges where XMR, ETN, ETH, and BTC and such as USDT "stablecoin" trades.

3.13 Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy & Security sections of this website are important. You are requested to read our Disclaimer located at the bottom of this page before subscribing or donating to the SkrAtch  Project as in some some jurisdictions you may not be permitted to participate in the Skratch ™ "ICO".

3.14 The reader is encouraged to click here and look at the website: CoinMaketCap to understand that the issuance of 3 billion token - coin based upon a proven concept with genuine past sales, a trademark is of significant value and is not an irregular form of valuation of a Brand. 

4.0 SkrAtch  "The QR Code"

4.1 SkrAtch  employs the use of the Electroneum (ETN) QR code in it's game design and as such ETN ¹ provides an alternative method of purchasing SkrAtch ™ games. The market according to Price Waterhouse Coopers for the ETN product which is an "Instant Mobile Payment System" exceeds 3 trillion dollars. 3 reasons why Electroneum (ETN) could create the next wave of crypto millionaires. (Published by: Nicholas in Altcoins News)

4.2 Electroneum has targeted 300 million users of the 1.7 billion unbanked in the far east, India, South America and signed "MOU" Memorandums of Understanding with substantial players in the mobile market. Electroneum also has a worldwide Patent Pending product as filed by Dentons, the largest law firm in the world.


4.3 Electroneum has a market capitalization ranging from approximately $57 million to $987 million.  Each SkrAtch  game has already incorporated and offers the affiliate ETN bonus plan. ¹ subject to ETN "Main Terms & Conditions."

5.0 SkrAtch  "The Market"


5.2 "According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, each year more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched and 80% of them fail;

  1. The failure rate for new products launched in the grocery sector is 70 to 80 percent, according to: Inez Blackburn of the University of Toronto;

  2. It’s a bit scary to hear the Nielsen statistic that: more than 85% of new CPG (consumer packaged goods) products fail;

Why 90% of 50,000 New Products Introduced Every Year Fail

Visit our YouTube Playlist - SkrAtch ™ Marketing 

5.3 Accordingly the SkrAtch ᵀᴹ proprietary marketing methodology, brand promotion strategy and Internet tracking techniques are designed to reduce the $15 million dollar costs associated with product launches and the average 80% failure rate of new product launches in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.


5.5 (5) "The cost to bring a new product to market (R&D/Number of New Product Pacesetter Products) for the period of 1997-2010 was $15 million. Today, the R&D investment to bring a new product to market is roughly 4X the cost of five years ago."

5.6 Visit our YouTube Playlists to learn more about SkrAtch  and what the industry response is to our proprietary marketing concept and the industry approach to effective product sampling, consumer behavior, advertising methods, industry secrets and trends.

5.7 Most new products are line extensions—typically 80 percent to 90 percent in any one year. Line extensions occur when a company introduces additional items in the same product category under the same brand name such as new flavors, forms, colors, added ingredients, package sizes. See Product Line Extension.

6.0 SkrAtch  "The Value"

6.1 SkrAtch  in it's copyright, and Industrial Design Right and Claims as to applicable jurisdiction, addresses these major issues of high product launch costs, through the exclusive use of the marketing strategy considered and claimed by the inventors the Skratch  game format which is designed as "try before you buy" a marketing sampling campaign that offers unique features including but not limited to, the following benefits:

​1. the SkrAtch  game drives manufacturer and retailer sales on a least cost basis;

2. it significantly reduces the costs of sampling;

3. allows and encourages a better shelf position for participating advertisers, thus enabling the consumer better access to sample the Free product;

4. allows the consumer is more likely to retry or purchase the product if it is enjoyed;

5. provides feedback and real time feedback through a proprietary QR Code encrypted Cryptocurrency and a Digital medium of exchange in order that manufacturers and retailers can be more responsive in their product timeline launch;

6. data from SkrAtch  returns valid manufacturer and retailer data, in real time, thus reducing product launch costs in real time;

QR Codes - Mobile Marketing for your Business

Visit our YouTube Playlist - SkrAtch ™  Statistics

7. in addition to the tax incentives  SkrAtch  provides a valuable CPM Rate to the manufacturer who advertises on each of the 5 SkrAtch  wheels in each game. Both of which can be applied to the company or brand bottom line and offset product launch costs or line extensions of which 80% to 90% fail.

8. in the print  and production of SkrAtch  advertisers may vary their ad exposure and / or product sampling in increments from 100K to 1m in multiples per game. This is a significant feature as claimed in the SkrAtch  game concept which allows for differing manufacturer budgets and campaign launches, from a test to a full campaign; SkrAtch  "When You're Itchin' to Win ";

9. each SkrAtch  game contains 5 wheels each with 5 ads. Thus in a 1 million game run 5 advertisers would benefit from 5 million ad exposures plus benefit from the high conversion rate provided by trying the free product. The conversion rate can be as high as between 35% to 90%;

10. compare internet CPM rates by channel and vertical channel  Display Ads $2.80, Email Ads $5.00, Mobile Ads $3.00, Video Ads $3.00. to print, broadcast and newspaper media, cross channel media comparison;

11. calculating the CPM Rate.  Use the CPM rate calculator to compare CPM Rates for different forms of media, including: print, broadcast and newspaper. Also see the section 7.0 SkrAtch ™ "Effective Product Sampling" below.

What is CPM

6.2 Considering that upwards of 80% to 90% of new product launches or line extensions fail SkrAtch  significantly can reduce product launch costs as an exclusive marketing concept. Also see CR Consumer Reports.


6.3 The tax implications are a significant part of the marketing concept as the manufacturer purchases advertising on the SkrAtch  game while SkrAtch  purchases at full market value the products advertised to be given away as Full Value Redemption, Free products.


6.4 The traditional methodology of sampling and it's associated costs which can be as high as $200. / CPM are vastly reduced and spread out over a much larger statistically significant consumer base.

6.5 Original SkrAtch  advertisers and prize sponsors included: ⁶ Quaker Oats, Lipton, Kraft, Old ELPaso, Maple Leaf, Ford, Mars, KFC, Atari, Wardair, Atlantique Boutique, Energizer, Jeep, Honda, Vivitar, Toastmaster, Peter Pen & Pencil, Coleman, Tasco, Tappan, Sony, M&M, Spalding, Japan Camera, Jetset Holidays, Kodak, Chieftain, Swoggle, Galoob, Hasbro

6.6 SkrAtch ™ also includes 5 or more services, subscriptions or Free discounts which may include access to: broadcasts, podcasts, movies, news, TV, tutorials and GIG Economy, services and "durable goods". See the "Prizes 1- 5" page for a comprehensive review. While we may be members of the Affiliate Programs of Amazon, eBay, Sony, Apple, BabbelUdemy, Rakuten and Alibaba unless stated otherwise these companies have not specifically endorsed SkrAtch ™

6.7 SkrAtch ™ "The New Game"

Services, Subscriptions, Discounts and more...

6.8 While SkrAtch ™ contains  5 Free full value products (CPG) Consumer Packaged Goods, such as food and products and thousands of dollars in prizes;

6.9 SkrAtch ™ also includes 5 or more services, subscriptions or Free discounts which may include access to: broadcasts, podcasts, movies, news, TV, tutorials, GIG Economy, services and "durable goods". See the "Prizes 1- 5" page for a comprehensive review.

6.10 Acronym ™ advertisers and sponsors included: Stanley Tools, Flecto, Oxford Keystone, Facelle (Royal), Timex, ACDelco, Anacin, Frito Lay, Molson, Regal Gifts & Cards, Brooks, Tomy, Esselte Pendaflex Canada, Brother International Corporation, Dymo, Parker, Chrysler, Dristan.

(6) As previous advertisers, sponsors  and companies names  are subject to change the reader should infer that references here may or may not include their new name or brand or company, however if the entity continues to exist they remain a viable client of SkrAtch ᵀᴹ

7.0 SkrAtch ™ "Effective Product Sampling"

7.1 It drives sales at point-of-purchase.

7.2 Firstly, encouraging trial of a product close to point-of-purchase is a great way to drive sales there. This is confirmed by the “Product Sampling Study” by Arbitron and Edison Media Research, which found 35% of customers who try a sample will buy the sampled product in the same shopping trip.

7.3 Think about it, the product is fresh in the consumer’s mind, so long as they enjoyed it, the consumer will be primed to think of your product first when they reach the relevant aisle. This may well explain why 24% of those surveyed in Arbitron and Edison Media Research’s survey claimed that a sampled product had specifically replaced an item that they had planned to buy.

7.4 Building on this, upgrade your product sampling effectiveness through a price promotion. Creating a two-pronged attack, on both the senses and the wallet, is a common tactic for driving purchases.

7.5 Consumers respond to product sampling.

7.6 The sales-boosting effects of product sampling are deeper than they might initially appear. For example, psychologically, “samplers with a heightened awareness of the presence of others at the sampling station may feel a level of social ‘pressure’ to make a post-sample purchase.”

7.7 EVENTEEM.CO.UK is a UK based company with solid brand focus awareness skills. Their data is also supported by Nielsen Media Research.

7.8 In the following video you will discover that "free product sampling" or try before you buy can result in conversions up to 90%  develop brand loyalty and has given rise to a highly effective marketing tool. SkrAtch ™ provides a least cost proprietary method of effective sampling.






8.1 Acronym  employed the use of advertising on the exterior of it's board game to offset costs and sold 20,000 units at $36.95 in 1985.

8.2 The original SkrAtch  was based on the rationale of Acronym  and has a history of having successfully sold over 3 million games in 5 countries, Canada, USA, UK, AU and NZ at $5.95 generating $17 million. in gross revenue. According to BDO Canada LLP, Chartered Accountants, the Skratch ™ Brand is valued at $34 million. CAD.

8.3 The redesigned SkrAtch  "The Line Extension" is positioned for sale on the following basis:

  1. $1.99 Suggested Consumer Retail Price ²,

  2. $.80 payable to the retailer,

  3. $.80 payable to SkrAtch ,

  4. $.39 payable to production costs.


(2) The dollar values are relative to the exchange value calculated in USD from each of the 18 countries targeted.

8.0 SkrAtch  "The Numbers"

9.0 SkrAtch  "The Angel Investors"

9.1 SkrAtch  invites Angel investors who are also called informal investors, angel funding, private investors, seed investors or business angels. These are affluent individuals or corporations who inject capital for in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt. SkrAtch  is not a startup but rather SkrAtch  is a recognized Brand with a history of successful sales in 5 countries and has  enjoyed such awareness from 1985 to today. References to both SkrAtch  and Acronym  can still be found on the web.

9.2 Prospective Angel Investors are encouraged to read the SkrAtch  Whitepaper which more fully describes the past successful experiences of the co-inventors of SkrAtch  that they may understand the proprietors of SkrAtch  have and provide verifiable references and business experience over 62 years.

9.3 Angel investors, their lawyers and or accountants can meet in person with the proprietors of SkrAtch  to negotiate roles, and participation.

9.4 Angel investors and recipients of SKR token - coin paid for "services in kind - barter" and promoters of record specifically retained by  are entitled up to a total of 3.33% from any of the 3 phases listed (10% total) and shall have no escrow time restriction as to trading on any of the listed exchanges.

10.0 SkrAtch  and Electroneum "ETN" ¹

10.1 SkrAtch  is not an affiliate of Electroneum ¹ The World Bank estimates that  1.7 billion people don't have a bank account and in the opinion of SkrAtch  consumers may benefit from the combined use of both products.

10.2 According to © Electroneum Limited. "A new era of digital payments is needed to unlock the global economy for more than 1.7 billion unbanked people worldwide" and © Electroneum Limited "have developed a revolutionary new digital payments ecosystem that allows anyone to store, send and receive digital funds via their smartphone - no bank account required."

10.3 Visit for their most recent updates, and history. © Electroneum Limited - Registered in England No. 10845797 Dun and Bradstreet No. 223070089. Electroneum nor its subsidiaries have endorsed SkrAtch  as partner, agent nor joint-venture between SkrAtch  and Electroneum. Also see the Disclaimer below. ¹

10.4 The Electroneum Limited patent application has been published and is available for review online at the government of the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office.


10.5 The patent contains a substantial number of documents (15) and claims that may enhance the value of electroneum as a unique cryptocurrency and have a significant impact on cryptocurrencies as a whole. To read the full 117 page patent publication document in PDF format click here. To read the Abstract click here. The patent application was filed by the law firm of DENTONS UK and Middle East, LLP, One Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7WS, United Kingdom, [ADP Number 12251484001]


10.6 The address for Electroneum is: Electroneum Limited, Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Lyndean House, 30-34 Albion Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 3NS, United Kingdom, [ADP Number 12212320001]


10.7 SkrAtch ™ Intellectual Property Rights as claimed hereon are further described in the "FAQ", "Terms of Use" and  "Disclaimer" sections of this website.

11.0 SkrAtch ™ - Adopt's the use of the ETN Payment System ¹

11.1 Electroneum (herein "ETN") is a “digital payments ecosystem" that allows anyone to store, send and receive digital funds via their smartphone - no bank account required.

11.2 With millions of registered users, the Electroneum Mobile Cryptocurrency, is designed for Mass Adoption has agreements with global mobile operating networks.

11.3 SkrAtch  provides through it's proprietary marketing tools, industrial design, a method of least cost distribution of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) with a focus and specialty in grocery products worldwide.  By adopting the use of the Electroneum "Instant Mobile Payment System" the consumer has the option of payment in ETN ¹ or cash for the SkrAtch  product line. Estimates by the accounting firm  PricewaterhouseCoopers the market for electronic payment systems may exceed 3 trillion dollars.

11.4 Electroneum and Who is Richard Ells? "Earlier this week, during the 2018 BCI Summit in New York, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting and speaking with Richard Ells. It is not the same as watching someone on the screen I assure you.

After exchanging formalities and introductions I looked into his eyes and I knew: “He's the kind of guy you would just want to do Business with.” And now I will tell you why." Citation ref. posted: byu/M-Systems, reddit, r/electroneum. See the full interview and a synopsis of ETN with Mr. Richard Ells of ETN.

11.5 Electroneum and Who is Chris Gorman OBE DUniv. " Building Pathways Out of Poverty into Prosperity " EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Published on July 11, 2019

11.6 "The gig economy is indeed a significant market. In a report from the Staff Industry Association it was claimed that, in 2018, the US gig economy was over $1.4 trillion -  and globally it had reached $4.3 trillion! The amount of money ‘sloshing around’ the gig economy has not gone unnoticed by traditional financial services firms. Mastercard is marketing its Instant Pay service for Uber drivers and, in 2018, it processed over $5 billion in the first six months of the year."


11.7 "The global remittance market represents another huge, new opportunity, particularly in the underserved and unbanked regions of the world. According to the World Bank, the market  is currently worth over $680 billion p.a. Large numbers of workers send money back home, and overseas workers need to be paid for working remotely, but many do not have a bank account. Traditional banks and international money transfer companies (Money Gram, Western Union etc.) are not digital, still necessitating the need to handle cash, which as Investopedia states, “The biggest drawback of any money-transfer service is the vulnerability of its customers to fraud”. Source: Deloitte

12.0 SkrAtch  "The Benefits"

12.1 In consideration of the Copyright and Patent Pending and Industrial Design claims it is significant that the SkrAtch  and RUB-OUT  game concept allows the advertiser to purchase advertisements on the game  which is prominently displayed at retail thus getting: better brand recognition, shelf position, product tracking, reducing launch or relaunch costs, which by the SkrAtch  proprietary marketing methodology is either unique or an improvement on prior marketing strategies.  


12.2 Furthermore SkrAtch  purchases the actual product for redemption and the manufacturer purchases advertising on the Skratch  game which offsets a product launch cost, or line extension thus by contractual execution both parties benefit from the tax benefits accrued to each party. 


12.3 SkrAtch  may significantly reduce product launch costs and place useful grocery products in the hands of the consumer on a least cost basis, which is of benefit to the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.


12.4 Considering that 80% to 90% of the 30,000 or more new products launched per year fail, and are "delisted" removed from the shelf or from a prominent position such as being at eye level on the shelf or as an end cap in an isle featured by the retailer which drives sales, SkrAtch  provides strategic positioning and statistically positions a product to assist in brand and product success at retail. In addition SkrAtch  may significantly reduce product launch costs which can be several million dollars per product SKU per product launch.


12.5 The benefit to the retailer and the manufacturer is an accelerated opportunity to have the customer to "try or sample" a product on a least cost basis providing fast real time product data movement and shelf turns thus allowing for pro active responses in the marketing of the retail product which promotes the likelihood of the success of the retail product and reducing product launch costs all of which is a benefit to the consumer, manufacturer and retailer.


12.6 The benefit to the consumer is the expense of $1.99 they receive up to $15.00 of Free full value redemption of products per game. A benefit to the retailer is full tracking analysis and a very high retail value return for the footprint in the retail sale of the SkrAtch  game. SkrAtch  has been definitively deemed by authorities as a "marketing tool" and is not in the class of a "lottery product."

13.0 Subscribe for or Purchase of SKR "Token - Coin" 

13.1 If you have read the "Disclaimer" please read the the "Whitepaper" as well.

13.2 SkrAtch  will set aside, escrow and convert upon receipt of "notice of subscription" on a equivalency basis subscriptions into Skratch  "SKR" "Token - Coin" based upon the availability of and subscription to the Pre-Sale, Open-Sale, or Final-Sale option of the "ICO". If you chose to "subscribe" to the SkrAtch  project email us and specify in the message section whether you interested in the Pre-Sale, Open-Sale or Final-Sale option. You are requested to read our Disclaimer a link to which is also located at the bottom of this page before sending a notice of intent to subscribe. Do not in any manner otherwise send Crypto to the Skratch  Project.

13.3 SkrAtch  has licensed the "Rights" (see "Terms of Use" 14.2 "Intellectual Property Rights")  to SkrAtch and RUB-OUT , the claim of Patent Pending, the Industrial Design, Trademarks and Copyrights into the SkrAtch  "skratchcash" "ICO". All of the proceeds from "subscriptions" will be used in the furtherance of the SkrAtch  project. Subscribers or Angels who intend to purchase early into the ICO may have the right first right to trade freely on the various exchanges as subject to regulatory rules.

13.4 If you intend to subscribe for SKR "Token - Coin", contact us by email at Do not send us cryptocurrency nor funds whatsoever. Your intent to subscribe will be converted and issued on the day and at the current price on the "trigger day" of the release of the SKR Token - Coin. Your email should contain 3 things: 1) the amount of SKR "Token - Coin" you are interested in, 2) the stage: a) Pre-Sale ICO $.010, b) Open-Sale ICO $.015 c) Final - Sale ICO $.020  3) relevant contact information. Email us at:

Findings from Ripple's Blockhain in Payments Report 2020
From Adoption to Growth

Ripple - The Future of CBDCs
Why All Central Banks Must Take Action

Building Pathways Out of Poverty

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How Blockchain is changing business

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