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SkrAtch™ to relaunch as a line extension in 18 non Canadian countries.

SkrAtch ™ "The Roadmap"

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Q4 1984

Acronym Cayman Inc.

Acronym Canada Inc.

Acronym International Inc.

  • Acronym ™ board game prototype produced.

  • The Acronym Group of companies are formed by the co-inventors.

  • Focus group research completed.

  • PRA Associates, PR firm hired.

  • Fasken & Calvin law firm retained.

  • Coopers & Lybrand accountants.

  • Acronym ™ Canada Inc. as GM subcontracts  manufacturing & production of the board games and sells advertising thereon which is part of the marketing concept..

  • Marketing & sales jointly by Tomy Canada Inc. and Acronym Canada Inc.

  • 20,000 Acronym ™ games sold across Canada in 1985 at $36.95 through major Canadian retailers.

  • Acronym ™ USP advertising on board offsets cost of production to $8.95 per board game. 

  • The SkrAtch ™ prototype game is produced which improves upon and incorporates the Acronym  ™ the advertising and promotion model  to allow the game concept to be sold to a wider audience.

  • While Acronym  sold 20,000 game units at $36.99 in one country SkrAtch ™ sold over 3 million game units at 5.95 in 5 countries.

Q2 1987

Acronym Cayman Inc.

Chieftain Products Inc.

  • SkrAtch ™ is licensed to Chieftain Products Inc., famed for the game Trivial Pursuit ® and a major game manufacturer and distributor of such products as Scrabble ® Clue ® Etch-A-Sketch ® Boggle ® and Balderdash ®

Q3 1990

Acronym Cayman Inc.

  • SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" prototype completed.

  • Product redesign allows for significant reduction in production costs and a new retail price at $1.99 MSRP

  • Focus group results confirms substantial projected increases in market penetration.

  • While SkrAtch ™ the original edition sold over 3 million game units in 5 countries at $5.95 grossing $17 million dollars SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" is positioned to sell at $1.99 with a reach into 18 countries with 18 million units per month. 

Q2 2003

Acronym Cayman Inc.

  • Canada Games Company completes production of a working prototype of  SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension"

Q1 2018

  • SkrAtch ™ has been listed with Foundico 

  • Pre-ICO Phase announced on skratchcash Home Page for 1/3 of the 3 billion SKR "Token - Coin"

  • Completed & published to social media a 2.09 sec. twitter video and a 2.59 sec YouTube channel video for @skratchgame along with playlists.

  • Angel Investors announcement of 10% of the 1/3 of the 3 billion SKR "Token - Coin"

  • Completion of the development of the SkrAtch ™ Smartphone App for Android and IOS providing the further physical interface between the SkrAtch ™ retail game with data curation at and after the POS in addition to the existing ability to purchase SkrAtch ™ with the ETN cryptocurrency.

Q4 2021

  • Social media campaign launch.

  • PR launch.

  • ICO "Initial Coin Offering" Open Phase.

  • See the Home Page for details of the ICO subscription, distribution, retained assets and corporate structure.

  • Release of the SkrAtch ™ Smartphone App for Android and IOS providing the further physical interface between the SkrAtch ™ retail game with data curation at and after the POS.

Q1 1986

Acronym Cayman Inc.

  • Focus group research begins regarding the new product SkrAtch ™

  • A legal opinion received from the law firm Fasken & Calvin in consultation with the Attorney General of the Province of Ontario provides a legal opinion confirming SkrAtch ™ is not a lottery and does not offend any authority, statute or code.

Q3 1989

Acronym Cayman Inc.

Chieftain Products Inc.

  • SkrAtch ™ is launched across Canada into major convenience store chains and retailers such as: 7-ElevenMac's Milk, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and and serviced by ITWAL with a reach to 12,000 retail outlets in Canada.

  • SkrAtch ™ is licenced to Lewis Galoob Toys Inc. and sold in the USA.

  • SkrAtch ™ is licensed to Hunter Caesar Toys Inc. and sold in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • Over 3 million SkrAtch ™ games are sold in 5 countries at $5.95 retail netting $17 million in gross sales revenue.

Q3 1993

Acronym Cayman Inc.

  • BDO Dunwoody Canada chartered accountants are retained and confirm the value of SkrAtch ™ the original game and SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension", marketing concepts as being worth in excess of $34 million.

Q3 2015

Acronym Cayman Inc.

  • acquires worldwide rights to SkrAtch ™

  • announces a $45 million ICO and publishes the SkrAtch ™ " website and whitepaper.

  • SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" the "Instant Win Word Game" adopts Electroneum (ETN) the "Instant Mobile Payment System" ¹ as an option in the purchase of SkrAtch ™ games.

  • Mining Ethereum

Q3 2021

  • SkrAtch ™ is privately funded.

  • Retain insurance company for SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension"

  • Retain trustee for

  • Retain trustee for

  • Retain trustee for

  • Retain independent auditors.

  • Vetting of the Advisers, Members, Participants, Insurers and Trustees to the following teams: 

    1. - the ICO
    2. - the nonprofit
    3. - the charity

Q4 2021

  • SKR "Token - Coin" will trade on exchanges including but not limited to the exchanges where ETN is listed.

  • Funded by as the distributor and sales entity operating as SkrAtch ™ will roll out of 1 million game units in each of the targeted 18 countries (18 million game units at $1.99 MSRP ² )

  • Ad purchases by the manufacturer are offset by SkrAtch ™ purchases of an equal amount of product from the manufacturer, to be given away as the 5 Free prizes in every game. Ads are calculable in increment multiples of 100K to 1 million games sold per fiscal quarter or per game run whichever is greater. 

  • This strategy accommodates several different sizes and levels of support for manufacturers' participation, brand support and launch budget.

  • Q1 Edition 1 Games 1 - 10

  • Q2 Edition 2 Games 1 - 10

  • Q3 Edition 3 Games 1 - 10

  • Q4 Edition 4 Games 1 - 10

  • (2) prices and sales volume are to be  adjusted, and calculated according to region and country.

  • SkrAtch ™ is positioned to be sold at 66,700 retailers worldwide.

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