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EMF & 5G

"Clothing Ensemble"


Front view of the reversible "Poncho"

Reversible "Poncho" with removable "Hoodie"


Designed by and between Joseph and Patricia Canie, known as the "Advisor" from 1985 to 2020, our offering encompasses the following:

The "ensemble of EMF Patsy K clothing" serves as a comprehensive solution. Rather than solely offering a straightforward "Poncho," our range comprises a signature cloak with a full suite of attire that provides upper body coverage against EMF.


Additionally, our collection offers 5G military-grade EMP protection through the utilization of our Faraday EMF products. These products find application in both law enforcement and the military, as they effectively obstruct signals originating from various sources. This includes signals from Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, GPS systems, RFID technology, 5G networks, microwave ovens, as well as laptop and desktop computers, among other sources.

A picture of the removable EMF "Hoodie"


A picture of the EMF "Semi-Wrap" with "Hoodie"


Unlike other manufacturers that charge exorbitant prices for their individual products, we take a different approach. By consolidating our sourcing and manufacturing processes, we are able to offer a collection of four products at an astonishingly reasonable price point. This strategy provides not only significant cost savings but also a more holistic solution than the conventional "EMF poncho" option.


Our decision to introduce the Patsy K as a complete suite of products, rather than individually priced items, showcases our commitment to value and innovation. This strategic packaging not only simplifies the shopping experience but also delivers a comprehensive solution that caters to a wider range of needs.


A quick exploration of online platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart clearly substantiates the fact that EMF clothing is often sold at unreasonably high prices. In stark contrast, our full "Suite" is offered at a comparable cost to a standard "EMF Poncho," which frequently commands a price tag of approximately $299 CAD. This competitive pricing structure reflects our dedication to making advanced EMF protection accessible to a broader audience.


To truly gauge the effectiveness and reception of our products, we encourage you to delve into consumer feedback, search trends, and concerns found throughout the digital landscape. This exploration will unveil the resonance and significance of our approach in meeting the demands of discerning customers.


Moreover, beyond the financial advantages, the "Suite" boasts an unparalleled level of sophistication in both aesthetics and functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our collection transcends the ordinary to offer a blend of style and substance. From its aesthetically pleasing design to its ergonomic functionality, the "Suite" stands as a testament to our dedication to elevating the EMF protection experience.


In conclusion, our innovative approach not only redefines the pricing landscape of EMF protection but also presents a comprehensive, stylish, and functional solution through the well-crafted "Suite."


There are four interchangeable reversible products consisting of: 1. A full reversible  signature cloak with a removable “hoodie” hat, 2. scarf, 3. Shawl and 4. Semi Wrap. Each of these items are interchangeable to match the “look” you may desire. Choose from the “pattern design” or reverse the item to the “simple semi green – grey”. We offer a full suite that can be used interchangeably in all conditions of whether at home, at work or on the go and they can be carried in the  comfortable carry tote bag.


The full body poncho holds the potential to accompany you during transit while maintaining a stylish appearance. Whether you're constantly on the move or simply taking a leisurely stroll, whether you're travelling, working, or relaxing at home, you have the flexibility to interchange and mix-and-match various items. For instance, while travelling, you can wear the "signature cloak," or opt on the fly for the Scarf at work or home, or use the Shawl as a cozy throw.

The signature ensemble coverage expands to span an area of 72" by 28", offering comprehensive EMF 5G protection. Notably, all our products provide protection even while you're seated on a couch or resting on a bed during sleep.


To illustrate further, upon reaching your destination, you can neatly fold the "Poncho" back into its carry tote bag. In the meantime, you can enhance your appearance by donning the elegantly styled "scarf" while you work at your office computer.


This choice ensures robust EMF protection, as the "scarf" or "Shawl" effectively covers essential areas such as the thyroid, lungs, and major cardiovascular regions. Additionally, the independent detachable "hoodie" measures out to offer EMF protection up to 99%. Feel free to contact us for further insight into our measurement methods, if needed.

Our suite of products provides comprehensive protection on an "as you go basis," encompassing full-body, chest, front, and back shielding. The shawl, neck scarf, and "hoodie-hat" can be effortlessly removed, inverted, combined, or swapped as required. All these products are designed with a strong emphasis on style.

Our EMF shielding boasts an impressive 99.9% shielding effectiveness. We encourage customers to conduct their own testing using a reliable EMF meter. Experience a reduction in radiation exposure by 99% or more. The interior features a lining of soft, silver, copper, and nickel fibre fabrics, while the exterior is crafted from a premium blend of soft polyester and cotton.

As an example, the anti-radiation "Shawl" serves as an excellent choice for expectant mothers. It's perfect for cozening up on the couch while using electronic devices or for incorporating into your workday routine. The shawl provides shielding for your belly during pregnancy and can later be repurposed as a swaddle or blanket once the baby is born.


The inside of our EMF blocking clothing is lined with silver fibre fabric which shields you from wireless radiation from cell phones, wireless internet, smart meters, microwaves, Bluetooth, computers and more! The Poncho is 72” x 28”, the scarf is 16” x 36”, the Shawl is 36” x 24” and the semi-wrap is 28" x 40” Either way one size fits all.

We are confident that our product is of excellent design and intend to list this product "Suite" which  we believe meet many needs to which we intend to be listed and the product(s) sold online and available through Amazon, Etsy, Walmart - Online, and perhaps eventually Ebay. In any event they will be available internationally.

A New Product

Finding Inspiration at every Turn


The reversible "Scarf" without "Hoodie"

The "Scarf" in reverse with the "Hoodie"


The "Shawl" without detachable "Hoodie"


The "Shawl" in reverse view with detachable "Hoodie"


The reversible "Semi-Wrap" with "hoodie"


The "Semi-Wrap" reversed without "hoodie"


Wear as a Throw


Unfold and place on bed


A convenient carry Tote

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