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SkrAtch™ to relaunch as a line extension in 18 non Canadian countries.

This page is a Supplement
to the Home Page and provides a History of  SkrAtch™ and the key players.

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The values are presented in USD for reference. These values will be adjusted and calculated according to regional markets in each of the 18 countries targeted in the re-launch of the SkrAtch™ product. Thus prices are relative purchasing to the power of different economies. 

The manufacturers receive a $15.00 tax benefit in the purchase of the  SkrAtch™ ads and $13.50 profit from the SkrAtch  purchase of the manufacturers' products per game or $3.00 x 5 ad and $2.70 x 5 products per SkrAtch™ game which is immediately applicable to the bottom line of their brand launch.

The manufacturers will also benefit as the production cost of the products purchased by SkrAtch™ will be at full retail and far below the actual manufacturing cost. Accordingly if the manufacturers brand launch consist of 5 million products increments of 100,000 can be allocated to participation within SkrAtch™ game which will pull the product through and gain manufacturers brand awareness at the consumer level allowing the effectiveness of consumer trial to make the brand stand out.

The current average cost of a manufacturers brand launch, revitalization or extension is approximately $15 million dollars. See the Home Page section 5.5 Forbes

SkrAtch™ will include 100,000 free SkrAtch™ game vouchers in each 1 million game run which will further promote the SkrAtch™ product, SKRATCH and ETN.

1.1™ and are the funding vehicles which will raise and manage the operating capital through its Presale Token Offering of SKRTOO™ and the Token Sales "ICO" Initial Coin Offering of the SKRATCH "Token - Coin" for SkrAtch™

1.2 BDO Canada LLP, Chartered Accountants, extensively reviewed the historical revenue, income, and 3 year projections of the SkrAtch™ product and the line extension. Their written opinion and conclusion valued SkrAtch™ at $34 million CAD. Sales of SkrAtch™ in only 5 countries at $5.95 per game unit resulted in $17 million in gross revenue earned SkrAtch™ is positioned to launch in 18 countries as described herein.

1.3 Click Here to visit "Measuring Brand Value – How Much Are Brands Worth?" by B2B market research company.


1.4 Skratch™  "The Line Extension" at $1.99 has a small shelf footprint with a very high retailer payout (at 80% markup with less than a 1/2 inch footprint width per game) which more than justifies a prominent shelf position for 10 games of the SkrAtch™  product. Thus at $1.99 the shelf turns would net the retailer $8.00 per 10 units sold in a 5 inch width footprint, the counter hanger depth width, and provide the consumer with over $15.00 of Free full value redemption of product at the cost of $1.99 per game. ² Plus thousands of dollars in prizes, subscriptions, discounts and services.


1.5 SkrAtch™ "The Line Extension" is targeted to be launched worldwide through 66,700 stores in 18 countries. 


(2) Prices will vary subject to local and regional currencies. BDO Canada LLP, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company. BDO Global has offices in 162 countries.

1.6 Visit our YouTube Playlists to learn more about SkrAtch™ and what the industry response is to our proprietary marketing concept and the industry approach to effective product sampling, consumer behavior, advertising methods, industry secrets and trends.


SkrAtch provides the methodology of integrating New Product Introduction, Line Extensions, In-Store Sampling, Blockchain and Supply Chain Management seamlessly.

3.0 SkrAtch™ - "The Original Editions"

   Australia & UK   Canada      United States


3.1 In 1984 - 1987 Mr. Canie was co-inventor of the game SkrAtch™ which was based on the concept of the earlier successful game and concept Acronym™. SkrAtch™ was licensed with an up front payments of $395,000. USD  plus a percentage of worldwide royalties licensed to Chieftain Products Inc. famed for the launch of the highly successful game known as Trivial Pursuit ®.


3.2 In 1989 SkrAtch™ games were sold under license in Canada at $5.95 with 1.2 million units sold through such retailers as: 7-Eleven, Mac's Convenience Stores, Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation, and retail members serviced by the distribution company known as ITWAL Limited. Over 3 million units were sold worldwide resulting in $17 million in gross revenue earned. Up front license payments were also made by: Lewis Galoob Inc. $220,000. USD, Hunter Caesar Toys Inc. $25,000 AUD and  £50,000 GBP from the UK.


The Display Card was located behind games 1 - 8 which were in a tray counter display pack at the (POS) Point of Sale. The $5.95 MSRP with a 35% markup justified its 1 cu ft footprint on the counter. Games were numbered 1 - 8. The Instant Win prizes in every game changed with each edition.

In SkrAtch™ the "Line Extension" we reduced the footprint by getting rid of the display case. The game now hangs on a "hangar" and can be located almost anywhere on a "strip" We also reduced the price from $5.95 to $1.99 MSRP and increased the " Instant Win Word Game™ " prize structure to include over $15.00 of Free full value redemption consumer products with the thousands of dollars in Free prizes.

4.0 The USA Original Version "RUB-OUT ™

4.1 The USA version of SkrAtch™ was known as RUB-OUT was licensed with a up front payment of $220,000 USD and sold across the USA through Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. In September 1998, American toy giant Hasbro purchased Galoob for $220 million. Click here to view Google images of SkrAtch™


Vintage Collectibles continue to sell on eBay and as Rub-Out on eBay

4.2 Both SkrAtch™ and RUB-OUT™  Copyright Notice © 1985 - 2019. Acronym (Cayman) Inc. and/or its subsidiaries, assigns and licensors. All Rights Reserved, have been redesigned and now are collectively referred to as SkrAtch™  " The Line Extension ".


4.3 SkrAtch™ "The Line Extension" may also be sold under the trade name RUB-OUT™ depending on the choice of jurisdiction, marketing and regional factors. Regardless of the trade name used all sales and profit earned from sale of the games shall accrue equitably to the entities known as  Skratch™ and™  (hereinafter "")


4.4 RUB-OUT™ is also currently listed as a vintage game on and Acronym is sold on

4.5 SkrAtch ™ "The New Game"

Services, Subscriptions, Discounts and more...

4.6 While SkrAtch™ contains  5 Free full value products (CPG) Consumer Packaged Goods, such as food and products and thousands of dollars in prizes;

4.7 SkrAtch™ also includes 5 or more services, subscriptions or Free discounts which may include access to: broadcasts, podcasts, movies, news, TV, tutorials and GIG Economy, services and "durable goods". See the "Prizes 1- 5" page for a comprehensive review. While we may be members of the Affiliate Programs of Amazon, eBay, Sony, Apple, BabbelUdemyRakuten and Alibaba unless stated otherwise these companies have not specifically endorsed SkrAtch ™

4.8 Original SkrAtch™ advertisers and prize sponsors included: ⁶ Quaker Oats, Lipton, Kraft, Old ELPaso, Maple Leaf, Ford, Mars, KFC, Atari, Wardair, Atlantique Boutique, Energizer, Jeep, Honda, Vivitar, Toastmaster, Peter Pen & Pencil, Coleman, Tasco, Tappan, Sony, M&M, Spalding, Japan Camera, Jetset Holidays, Kodak, Chieftain, Swoggle, Galoob, Hasbro.


(6) As previous advertisers, sponsors  and companies names  are subject to change the reader should infer that references here may or may not include their new name or brand or company, however if the entity continues to exist they remain a viable client of SkrAtch ᵀᴹ Depicted below is the an earlier USA version of SkrAtch™

5.0 SkrAtch™ based upon Acronym™ "The Board Game"

5.1 As published in Readers Digest, The Financial Post and many other major news: In 1984 - 1985 Mr. Canie co-invented the board game known as Acronym™ which was produced and marketed in record time by the co-inventors who bore the burden of all costs and  was the Licensed to Tomy Company Ltd., (Canada). Acronym™ was conceptualized and  launched and available at retailers in 8 months.  Acronym™ sold across Canada at a retail price of $36.95 (with a 57% retailer markup) 


5.2 The Acronym™ game was promoted with high-powered marketing and advertising talent and through a country wide Public Relations campaign, media events and celebrity endorsements such as having the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Football team play the game at the Hudson's Bay Company, The Bay (founded in 1670, a global retailer with more than 480 stores and approximately 65,000 employees around the world.) 


5.3 Media events included both Television and Radio interviews in most major cities and on "talk shows" and such as at "CBC" running a 2 hour radio championship where the radio listeners would call in and win a free game by answering game questions on air posed by a co-inventor.  Acronym is listed at Amazon 2019 as a vintage game at $149.00. Click here to view Google images of Acronym™


5.4 The (CBC) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a Canadian federal Crown corporation that serves as the national public broadcaster for both radio and television. In 1985 Coopers & Lybrand, 1881-1988 now Price Waterhouse Coopers audited the books of Acronym  and found no discrepancies.

5.5 The Acronym game was sold in major retailers in Canada such as: Maison Birk's : Canada's Diamond and Fine Jewellery Leader I Birk's, EST. 1879; Eaton's founded in 1869 as the T. Eaton Company Ltd.Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation, with more than 1,300 stores across Canada, was acquired for $12.4 billion by Loblaw Companies Limited is the largest Canadian food retailer, with Rev. $45.3 billion, Net Income. $623 million and 200,000 employees; London Drugs; Carlton Cards is Canada’s #1 greeting card company, Founded in 1920, Parent, Schurman Retail Group.; Den for Men and many other retailers.  


5.6 Reader's Digest ® wrote about the Acronym ™ game in 1991. Over 20,000 copies of Acronym were sold during the Christmas season October 15 to December 24, 1985. Acronym is now listed as a collectors item at $109.00 on "eBay" the American multinational internet corporation that manages; BoardGameGeek  and Etsy sold as a " Vintage (1985) Acronym  board game under license to Tomy Inc. a subsidiary of Tomy Company Ltd., Rare game, complete, at  $69.75 CAD.


5.7 Cryptocurrencies are Legal Tender in Japan. See: CRYPTOCURRENCY REGULATIONS IN JAPANTomy Company Ltd., is a international Japanese toy, merchandise and entertainment company and former licensee of AcronymTakara Tomy.

5.8 It is reasonable that SkrAtch™ may successfully  issue its SkrAtch™ "token - coin" Initial Coin Offering in the jurisdiction of Japan who is the largest purchaser of Bitcoin.

5.9 Acronym™ advertisers and sponsors included: Stanley Tools, Flecto, Oxford Keystone, Facelle (Royal), Timex, ACDelco, Anacin, Frito Lay, Molson, Regal Gifts & Cards, Brooks, Tomy, Esselte Pendaflex Canada, Brother International Corporation, Dymo, Parker, Chrysler, Dristan.


Currently selling on Ebay, Etsy

and at Boardgeek

6.0 The Co-Investor in "Waferboard"

PREAMBLE: Although we begin with a familiar family story the sections following "Waferboard" reach as far back as 1957 and cover our extended family in more detail up to 2022. 

Additional Current Information for 2023: After you have read: "Our History 1957 - 2022" you will find additional information available at " ProjectVoice " which describes Patricia Canie's efforts as co-founder to help additional elderly aphasia and stroke victims who cannot speak through ProjectVoice "Giving the Elderly Help and a Voice through Charities" by sharing this link.

"STROKE-HOPE: 'Helping Older People Everywhere overcome aphasia with ProjectVoice™ Online' ™ "

6.1 In the period between 1971 and 1973 Mr. Joseph Guy Canie, his brother Raymond Canie, Chief Administrator Officer of the City of Timmins, Past President of the Club Richelieu and a "Life Master" in the game of Bridge along with brother-in-law's: Hon. Justice Jack Helpert,  and Mr. J. Conrad Lavigne, CM, O.Ont, (Order of Canada) and Honorary Doctorate (Laurentian University), owner of CFCL Radio and CBC Affiliate CFCL-TV, (founder and former owner and CEO of the Mid-Canada Television system) the largest private microwave network in the world and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Canada. 

6.2 Mr. Canie  invested $337,000 CAD in a new OSB product and coined the name “Waferboard” which quickly became and is now used world-wide as an alternative to plywood.  This was accomplished by funding the small logging and sawmill company at Timmins known as Mallete Lumber Inc.  Tembec Industries Inc (Malette Division) which was acquired for approximately $350 million dollars in 1995. Tembec Industries Inc. currently has sales of $4 billion per year.

6.3 Mr. Jack Helpert, owner of Helpert Supply (1962), Ltd., later United Supply Inc., was known for his philanthropic works such in assisting in the funding of: "The Jack Helpert Wing" (St. Mary's General) and The Timmins and District Hospital (TADH) which is a level C, fully accredited (Accreditation Canada) referral and teaching hospital, which was incorporated in 1988 following the amalgamation of the two existing hospitals (St. Mary's General and Porcupine General)

Waferboard Corporation Timmins Ontario C

7.0 The Co-Inventor's Family History

7.1 Born in 1932 at Timmins, Ontario, Canada, Mr. Canie was the son of Provin and Delia Canie and brother to 8 siblings. In 1952 Mr. Canie worked in Ottawa at Canadian Forces Base Uplands as a “Teletype Operator.” While living in Ottawa Mr. and Mrs. Canie frequented family reunion's with Hon. Dalton McGuinty Sr., and family who's son Hon. Dalton McGuinty Jr. later served as the 24th Premier of Ontario from 2003 to 2013, First Minister of the Government of Ontario, At Her Majesty's pleasure.  He was the first Liberal leader to win two majority governments since Mitchell Hepburn nearly 70 years earlier.


7.2 All references to dollar amounts should be adjusted to today's values to account for inflation. For example a house in Toronto in 1970 sold for $29,429. and a high end Lincoln Continental sold for $7,000. Whereas today a bungalow averages $685,738. - $1,573,622. and said vehicle sells for $53,000.

8.0 The Inventor of "Thermo-Spacer"

8.1 At the age of 28 Mr. Canie invented and received a Canadian Patent (click here to see the patent filed and numbered 592701 in 1960) for the product invented by Joseph G. Canie and sold as "Thermo-Spacer" a very descriptive wording,  which was sold world-wide to mining companies which reduced the cost of the use of "dynamite" in blasting as it allowed the inter-spacing of Thermo-Spacer between the loaded dynamite charges. It was subsequently sold to Mr. Jack Helpert and company for a sum of $250,000. CAD.

8.2 In the period 1957-1962 Mr. Canie attended at McGill University and worked as a representative for a major pharmaceutical company known as J. W. Horner (Montreal) 

9.0 The Purchase of "Bromley Lodge"

9.1 In 1969  Mr. Canie purchased Bromley Lodge which was renamed as New Bromley Lodge.

9.2 In 1970 he had Eaton’s (Canada) and various architects’ completely renovate Bromley Lodge up to a 5 class standard. New Bromley Lodge was located 30 miles west of Timmins on Bromley Lake (Area: 1239.1 ha | 3062 ac | 12.4 km²)

9.3 Since New Bromley Lodge was only accessible by float plane Mr. Canie taught himself to fly, wrote the appropriate tests and became a Pilot. Of course the lodge was a "FLY-In" only facility and did employ 3 pilots and owned 2 Cessna-Skyhawk aircraft with the call signs being CF-XZP and CF-QKD.

9.4 New Bromley Lodge provided security and isolation and was thus frequented regularly by the "Board of Director's" of major international corporations such as: Kidd Mines, McIntyre Mines, Texas Gulf Sulfur Company etc. who "booked" on an exclusive basis.


9.5 A co-operative arrangement with North Miami Lodge owned by Mr. Octave Roy, owner of the Senator Hotel(s) and Roy Construction also allowed for reciprocal bookings with visits of notable actors on a regular basis such as: John Wayne, Lucille Ball, (North Miami Lodge) and bookings at New Bromley Lodge, by Engelbert Humperdinck, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones and the Prince and Princess of zu Wied, Germany³


(3) As depicted in the brochure Credit Harry (Harold) Weeks, Pennsylvania. New Bromley Lodge employed the use of Booking Agents in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA and Air Canada, CA

New Bromley Lodge Timmins Ontario Canada

10.0 The Inventor of the "Splint-Cast"

10.1 In 1981 Mr. Canie, was awarded a US patent (click here to see the patent awarded: numbered 4306549) for the invention of a “Splint-Cast" which focused on a waterproof open concept strip cast that employed the use of “Active Immobilization” which was claimed to promote faster healing  than the traditional plaster cast. Johnson & Johnson the U.S multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer took a strong interest in the concept as did the head of Orthopedics at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto who issued a "MOU" with an intent to conduct "Clinical Trials."

10.2 In addition to the USA Patent granted additional patents were applied for in the following countries: 1) Canada Serial No. 344,744; 2) United Kingdom Serial No. 80.02935; 3) Germany Serial No. P 30 04 134.0; 4) France Serial No. 80.02142; 5) Japan Serial No. 10,834/80; 6) Italy Serial No. 67143-A/80. The Patent Applications were researched, prepared and filed by Smart & Biggar / Fetherstonhaugh, Barristers & Solicitors, Patent and Trademark Agents (Ottawa)  which is Canada's largest and highest-ranked firm practising exclusively in intellectual property and technology law.

10.3 Accordingly, Mr. Canie formed "Splintex Corporation" Incorporated under The Laws of The Cayman Islands, British West Indies, with an authorized Capital of 1 million Common Shares Without Par Value. The legal address is described as: SPLINTEX CORPORATION, Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg., P.O. Box 884, Grand Cayman, B.W.I. Transfer Agent and Registrar.

Splintex Corporation USPTO Patent Approv

11.0 The Purchase and Development of "Iron Island"

11.1 In or about 1974 Mr. Canie made an offer on a 163 acre Island known as "Iron Island" located on Lake Nipissing, which has a surface area of 873.3 km2 (337.2 sq mi) in 1985 - 1987 Fasken & Calvin, ("Fasken", formerly Fasken Martineau DuMoulin, is an international business law firm with approximately 700 lawyers) counsel acting for Mr. Canie concluded the purchase and sale and transfer of the island to Mr. Canie from the owners in California for approximately $283,000. CAD.


11.2 Concurrently " Iron Island Estates " was formed and substantial work was performed through the subdivision and formal submission of subdivision to the Government of Ontario of the island property into 80 1/2 acre lots by:  Architects hired by Mr. Canie. During the application period the island was physically renovated with lot lines cut and substantial land preparation.

11.3 The island project included a "main lodge" along with support staff buildings and services as well as a golf course designed by a major Toronto Ontario firm, known for the design of golf courses. Iron Island is located on Lake Nipissing, Ontario Canada.

11.4 The work performed in the subdivision of Iron Island included:


  1. A topographical survey of the island completed by P.A. Blackburn Limited., March 1991;

  2. Site Plan completed by the Architectural firm of B. H. Martin Consultants Ltd., Consulting Engineers, May 1991;

  3. Master Plan for island lay-out completed by Robinson & Carrick Associates Ltd., Golf Course and Landscape Architects, Oct. 1991;

  4. Marketing Strategy compiled by Pannel Kerr Forester, Toronto, On, Oct. 1991. (PKF International previously known as Pannell Kerr Forster, is a global network of accountancy firms. Member firms operate under the PKF brand in 440 cities and operate in 150 countries across 5 continents. 

  5. Site development, lot line severing, and island grooming was conducted by independent contractors during the period 1991 to 1993.

Iron Island Estates North Bay Ontario Ca

12.0 The Co-Investor in Nipissing Cedar Products Ltd.

12.1 In or about 1974 through 1981 Mr. Canie owned and funded Nipissing Cedar Products Ltd., with $232,000. CAD for 20% of the company which processed and produced Cedar Lumber, and shingles. Mr. Jack Helpert, owner of Helpert Supply (1962), Ltd., later United Supply Inc., and company owned the balance of the 80% of the share interest. In 1984 Nipissing Cedar Products was acquired by MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.

MacMillan Bloedel Head Office.jpg

13.0 The Co-Inventor of "RVM"

13.1 In 2005 Mr. Canie was the co-inventor of a motor vehicle product titled: “Electronic Traffic Control System for the Manipulation of Motor Vehicles for Civil and Emergency Purposes” (“RVM”) the United States Patent Application Publication was issued as: Pub. No. US 2005/0261806 A1, issued Nov. 24, 2005.


13.2 In April of 2007 the Governor of the US State of California  Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended “RVM” to the Department of California Highway Patrol, Deputy Commissioner, who stated: "This is in reply to your letter to Governor Schwarzenegger regarding your concern of, and proposal for, bringing high speed law enforcement pursuits to a safe termination." "...the Governor has asked that I respond on his behalf." "The CHP shares your passion and effort of making our roadways safer for families and communities in California." "...please contact our Research and Planning Section..."

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