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"When You're Itchin' to Win"



SkrAtch™ to relaunch as a line extension in 18 non Canadian countries. "ICO"

the "funding vehicle"

​ICO Hard Cap $45 Million USD

3 billion SKR
Token - Coin

$22.5 million to Assets to back SKR.
$22.5 million to USD to SkrAtch ™

Assets: 10% ETH, 10% BTC,
10% ETN, 5% Gold, 10% ADA

1. Pre-ICO Phase 1 billion $.01
2. Open Phase 1 billion $.015
3. Closing Phase 1 billion $.02

4. Marketing & Production $.39


Reinvestment of the $.40 revenue received from  SkrAtch ™ into Assets.

Angel investors and SKR paid for services in kind are entitled to a total 3.33% from any of the 3 phases listed (10% total) and shall have no restriction as to trading on any of the listed exchanges.

The "Funding Vehicle" 

Skratch ™ The Game

the "non profit - NGO"

Retail Game and Ad Sales

18 country re-launch
18 mm games 66K retailers 

  1. $1.99 MS Retail Price ²,

  2. $.80 payed to retailer,

  3. $.80 received  by SkrAtch ™,

  4. $.40 retained by SkrAtch ™

  5. $.40 payed to

  6. $.39 payed to for production & marketing.

Advertising is purchased by the manufacturer whose, redemption data and logos appear on each of the 5 game cards within each $1.99 game @ $3.00 or ($15.00)

SkrAtch ™ purchases the 5 products to be given away to the consumer at retail from the manufacturer @ $2.70  ($13.50) ⁴ 

* There are significant tax advantages to SkrAtch ™ advertising. ³  ⁴  ⁸

The "NonProfit Foundation" 


Executive Summary - Today and Beyond 2021: 

SkrAtch ™ has develped a new cryptocurrency crosschain token (SKR) SkrAtch ™ is a worldwide product with a history of sales in 5 countries with over 3 million  units sold at $5.95 MSRP. 

SkrAtch ™ is not just a consumer game product sold at supermarkets and retail but rather it is a proprietary Advertising Vehicle that promotes brand awareness, provides real time Analytics, and QR Code, RFID, UPC, that can have a significant impact in reducing the 90% failure rate of any of the 30 to 50 thousand new products launched by manufacturers each year.

SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" is being launched online as desktop and mobile versions. Manufacturers full value redemption coupons will be redeemable worldwide and in 18 countries at 67,000 retail locations.


As the Covid-19 crisis resolves the New SkrAtch ™ - "The Line Extension" will physically be available again for purchase at retail outlets worldwide.

We are a platform developed as a viable solution that may be built upon and applied in the grocery trade resolving and effectively increasing profitability in each interdisciplinary grocery sector which includes: manufacturing, wholesale, retail, adertising and promotion and supply chain management.

SkrAtch ™ adopts the use of the RippleNet (XRP) and Electroneum (ETN) as “Instant Mobile Payment Systems” ¹ and also employs the use of leading edge blockchain tracking methodology, supply chain management: Vechain (VET) across manufacturer SKU's per million games sold.

As described in our "Roadmap" we are open to participation and building our "Team". Accordingly we invite you to contact us if you are interested in this project contact us at

Brief Summary:


1.1 SkrAtch ™ sold 3 million games in 5 countries. As a charity our launch into 18 countries will provide over $1 billion+ / yr. in free products & services to be available for pickup at retail by the consumer. Youtube: skratchgame​

1.2 BDO Canada LLP, Chartered Accountants, extensively reviewed the revenue, income, and 3 year projections of the Skratch  the first edition and SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" herein described and in their conclusion and opinion they are valued at $34 million. CAD. Sales of Skratch  in 5 countries, Canada, USA, UK, AU and NZ at $5.95 per game unit resulted in $17 million. in gross revenue earned. Skratch  intends to issue a Initial Coin Offering "ICO" See our "whitepaper" for more information.

1.3 SkrAtch   has a small shelf footprint with a very high retailer payout which more than justifies a prominent shelf position for the SkrAtch   product. 

1.4 The line extension is targeted to be launched worldwide through 66,579 stores in 18 countries. Prices will vary subject to local and regional currencies. BDO Canada LLP, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company. BDO Global has offices in 162 countries.

  1. SkrAtch  "The Instant Win Word Game" For Up To 4 Players. ¹

  2. Purchase a SkrAtch  game at your favorite retailer or with the, 

  3. ETN "Instant Mobile Payment System.¹

1.5  SkrAtch  is in the process of implementing a "ICO" Initial Coin Offering "Token - Coin" pursuant to applicable jurisdiction, laws and the "Terms of Use", "Disclaimer" and "Privacy & Security" sections of this website. Said offering will be based on the Ethereum platform. See the Home Page for more information.

Why and how the SkrAtch ™ Loyalty Program actually works.
Reward redemption effects in a loyalty program when customers choose
how much and when to redeem. International Journal of Research in Marketing.

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