"When You're Itchin' to Win"


1.0 SkrAtch  About

1.1 SkrAtch ™ sold 3 million games in 5 countries. As a charity our launch into 18 countries will provide over $1 billion+ / yr. in free products & services to be available for pickup at retail by the consumer. Youtube: skratchgame​

1.2 BDO Canada LLP, Chartered Accountants, extensively reviewed the revenue, income, and 3 year projections of the Skratch  the first edition and SkrAtch ™ "The Line Extension" herein described and in their conclusion and opinion they are valued at $34 million. CAD. Sales of Skratch  in 5 countries, Canada, USA, UK, AU and NZ at $5.95 per game unit resulted in $17 million. in gross revenue earned. Skratch  intends to issue a Initial Coin Offering "ICO" See our "whitepaper" for more information.

1.3 SkrAtch   has a small shelf footprint with a very high retailer payout which more than justifies a prominent shelf position for the SkrAtch   product. 

1.4 The line extension is targeted to be launched worldwide through 66,579 stores in 18 countries. Prices will vary subject to local and regional currencies. BDO Canada LLP, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company. BDO Global has offices in 162 countries.

  1. SkrAtch  "The Instant Win Word Game" For Up To 4 Players. ¹

  2. Purchase a SkrAtch  game at your favorite retailer or with the, 

  3. ETN "Instant Mobile Payment System.¹

1.5  SkrAtch  is in the process of implementing a "ICO" Initial Coin Offering "Token - Coin" pursuant to applicable jurisdiction, laws and the "Terms of Use", "Disclaimer" and "Privacy & Security" sections of this website. Said offering will be based on the Ethereum platform. See the Home Page for more information.

Why and how the SkrAtch ™ Loyalty Program actually works.
Reward redemption effects in a loyalty program when customers choose
how much and when to redeem. International Journal of Research in Marketing.

SkrAtch ™ adopts the use of the Electroneum (ETN) the  “Instant Mobile Payment System” ¹ and leading edge blockchain tracking across each 5 manufacturer SKU's per million games and a relaunch into 18 countries.

Tel. 647-768-7760

SkrAtch ™ skratchgame ™ skratchcash ™

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