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Front view of the reversible "Poncho"

EMF & 5G



Reverse view of the "Poncho" with optional "Hoodie"


Designed by and between Joseph and Patricia Canie “Advisor” 2019 - 2023. WHAT WE OFFER: The "ensemble" (Logo as defined – “ Patsy K ™ ”)  is a full solution rather than selling a simple “Poncho" we provide a full suite of upper body coverage against EMF and 5G military-grade EMP protection with our Faraday EMF products, used by law enforcement and military to block signals from Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, 5G, microwave ovens, laptop and desktop computers and more.

A picture of the removable EMF "Hoodie"


A picture of the EMF "Semi-Wrap" with "Hoodie"

HISTORY AND DESIGN: Other manufacturers charge substantially very much more for each product individually. Because we source and manufacture in one place we provide four products at a very reasonable price which collectively is a less cost solution than just offering your a "traditional EMF poncho" We provide and we decided to offer it as a “suite” of products as compared to pricing for each product individually. A simple search of EMF clothing on Amazon, Etsy or Wal-Mart online or the "WEB" will demonstrate this is factual. We will offer the full "Suite" at the same price compared to a simple "EMF Poncho" usually priced in or about $299. MSRP calculated in CAN dollars. As to the “Metrics” and consumer acceptance you are invited to search the terms of consumer searches and concerns via the web. As to superior look, feel & design and functionality the "Suite" is very stylish and favorable.

WHAT WE COMBINE INTO ONE PACKAGE: Their are four interchangeable reversible products: 1. Full poncho with a removable “hoodie” hat, 2. scarf, 3. Shawl and a 4. Semi Wrap. Each of these items are interchangeable and reversible to match the “look” you may desire. Choose from the “pattern design” or reverse the item to the “simple semi green – grey”. We offer a full suite that can be used interchangeably in all conditions of whether at home, at work or on the go and they can be carried in our comfortable carry tote bag.


The full body poncho can also be used in transit and looks good and you can interchange one from the other whether traveling of at work or at home. As an example you can wear the "Poncho" in travel, at work or at home as a “throw” while sitting on a couch or on a bed while you sleep. When you arrive at your destination you you can fold the "Poncho" back into the carry tote bag and wear the elegantly styled "scarf" while you work at your "office" computer with good measurable EMF protection as the "scarf" or "Shawl" covers your thyroid, lungs and major cardiovascular areas. The independent detachable "hoodie" also measures out providing EMF protection up to 99%. Please contact us at as to how these measurements are made if you need to do so.


The suite provides full protection on a “as you go basis” as in a full body, chest, front and back, protection such as in the shawl and both neck scarf and the “hoodie – hat” can easily be removed, inverted combined or swapped as the case may be. All of these products are “stylish”

Our EMF shielding delivers 99.9% shielding effectiveness. We encourage our customers to test for themselves with a reliable EMF meter. Reduce your radiation exposure by 99% or more. The interior is lined with soft, silver, copper, nickel fiber fabrics and the exterior is a premium, soft polyester / cotton blend.

As example "in situ" the anti-radiation "Shawl" can work particularly well for expecting mothers. Perfect for curling up on the couch while using electronics, or during the work day. Shield your belly during pregnancy. Once the baby is born, it serves as a swaddle or blanket as well.

STYLISH, COMFORTABLE COVERAGE: The inside of our EMF blocking clothing is lined with silver fiber fabric which shields you from wireless radiation from cell phones, wireless internet, smart meters, microwaves, Bluetooth, computers and more! The Poncho is 72” x 28”, the scarf is 16” x 36”, the Shawl is 36” x 24” and the semi-wrap is 28" x 40” Either way one size fits all.

We are confident and intend to list that this product "Suite" which  will meet many needs will be listed and sold online available through Amazon, Etsy, Wal-Mart - Online, and perhaps eventually Ebay and available internationally.

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The reversible "Scarf" without "Hoodie"

The "Scarf" in reverse with the "Hoodie"


The "Shawl" without detachable "Hoodie"


The "Shawl" in reverse view with detachable "hoodie"


The reversible "Semi-Wrap" with "hoodie"


The "Semi-Wrap" reversed without "hoodie"


Wear as a Throw


Unfold and place on bed


A convenient carry Tote

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